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Really? I kinda figured like everything else in the MU, it'd be more violent, more bloody, more lethal... etc.
The Jem'Hadar would have more spines, the cruelty of the Vorta would be more overt, all planets in the Dominion would be conquered by force, with no trade agreements or attempts at peaceful-ish attempts at working together.

But I love the idea of them being more peaceful and more like the RU's Federation. The Jem'Hadar as people... who serve as soldiers too, the Vorta should stick to science and diplomacy... the Jem'Hadar also enjoy engineering. The Founders... decided that just because they met some jerks in the galaxy that it was not an appropriate response to enslave the whole thing, and instead set up their quiet corner with proper defenses and tried not to be paranoid nutcases bent on domination...
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