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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Phoenix?

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I'm of two minds about the Phoenix. If I'd been asked independent of the movie itself, I would definitely say that early warp engines should look completely different than what we're familiar with 200 years down the road. I think evolution over time is not only more believable, but more satisfying in the long view.

But dramatically, which is what matters most for a movie like First Contact, they went with the right look. Seeing the familiar nacelles emerge from the missile was a great moment, one that even my girlfriend reacted to with a kind of "aha" sound, as though the ship wasn't right without them. They're what we recognize emotionally, and as a signifier for the birth of the Trek universe nothing else would do.

It's kind of a shame, but this is what happens when a show appeals both intellectually and emotionally. Sometimes the two have to fight it out.
I'd say you pretty much hit that one right on.
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