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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Both Marvel and DC need longer periods between events. You can't shake up the status quo if no situation is around long enough to become the status quo.
I might have to refute the word "event". Since Avengers Dissassembled, it's all been connected, apparently during some 2003 super retreat with lots of blow and a few dead hookers, where the bad ass writers hammered out a 5 year plan with the top of the food chain... But even ignoring that, what really seems to be happening is that Bendis is pretending to be writing 6 or 7 "different" books a month, when in fact everything he churns out in 616 continuity is some skrullish ubertitle that nomatter whats on the masthead it's just the next issue, and every bugger and his dog after that is just trying to play catch up adhering to the only game in town like pilot fish.

"Event" to me is editors fucking with writers with some huge insane and stupid idea which derails their creativity. This however is a marketing colossus a step behind Bendis' frenzied imagination that no one seems to know how to stop or want to.

Semantics, meh?
Its a fair cop. But whatever phrase we use, a break in the action is needed. I mean, all the Spider-books did was move right to the negative side of Peter's unmasking, with only Peter David showing a bare few positives. I think the great plan needs at least six months between 'chapters', if you will, just to explore some of the neater ideas contained in it all, and there are some. Each event follows so closely on the heels of the prior one, I'm thinking this will all end up with every hero locked away in an insane asylum--run by Mephisto, of course, as he corrupts half of them.
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