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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

I get the impression that comics have made too much of a niche market for themselves by being overly dependent on comicstores as a point of sales. It is becoming too hard to get casual readers to pick up an issue here or there at random since comics left the spinner racks of local convenience stores.

Rising prices and fancier paper targeted for collectors is another problem as well as six issue arcs meant for trades. I just don't care to try a book at random for the prices being asked, especially when I can't get an entire story in the book I'm getting. I shouldn't be suprised if many others follow similar lines of shopping.

This all leads to needing events to bring in cash and a resurgence of readers to broad numbers of titles that tell parts of the total event story. This is what got me out of most comics in the nineties. I wasn't interested in getting a half dozen titles every few months that I had no interest in just to understand what was going on in the event of the moment.
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