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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

No, I actually found this board when searching clues about Ms. Marvel fate

Ms. Marvel and Spidey are my faves too. This is why I bother buying them.

There is a big problem with "continuity" comics, and it is getting bigger by the minute. Editorial mandates and events are all over the place. When you want to read about any comic book character and instead get dozen different plotlines from other books and your character playing second violin to all these "Big events" in his own title.
And when things get messed up they start rebooting.
And in order to pull readers in for those events they start killing.

But most people did not start reading for these big events. All I want to see is a monthly dose of Peter and Carol kicking superhuman butts.

The thing is, I am awre of this and try to keep away from "continuity comics". The only "continuity " related comic books I read are Ms. Marvel and Amazing Spider-Man.

And then they pull something like this, and it just deepens the frustration and make me ask "Why am I doing this to myself? I can spend money on other things..."

The truth is I am just too attached to these characters to be able to throw them away.
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