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Re: star trek collector challange.

I don't know specifically what that is, but it appears to be a collection of views from David Kimble's Star Trek: The Motion Picture blueprints. I have the original packet of 14 sheets which are similarly credited to Kimble & Probert. Kimble also famously produced the cutaway poster of the refit 1701. The "Released" date of 7912.7 also corresponds to the movie release date of December 7th, 1979. (I know this because my birthday is December 7th!)

I don't know enough about collectibles to know if what the seller is claiming is true. It looks like the print was produced in 1992, not exactly a milestone year for Star Trek. 1991 would have been ST's 25th anniversary and also the year ST: VI came out, so the poster wouldn't have been produced to commemorate anything specifically.

Hope this helps, however little.
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