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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

I am ahead of you, I already contacted my LCS and dropped the book, 2 minutes after I read the infamous interview. (That was before I started thinking logically and started searching for clues that she will stay alive in the next months - and there are a lot of them!)

The book stays down right now, I will read #37 in my LCS as soon as it arrives and the only way I start subscription in #38 is if we clearly see Carol Danvers (or whatever her name will be at that point) alive and well in the end of the issue.

I like Reed writing, I really do, but 90% of the reason to buy Ms. Marvel is Carol Danvers, I will not support any step which will crap all over the character.

A shame really Carol Danvers and Peter Parker are the only two characters in the MU that I care about.
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