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Re: 1970s Children's TOS Tunics

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You have solved one of the mysteries of my life! Thanks a lot.

(Now if I could only see a picture of a 1969 flat, stuffed, Mattell pillow with a pull-string. It was a psychedelic dog - painted like the owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial and it said things like, "You'd cry too if you were painted blue," and, "Nobody loves me." Must have been when acid first infiltrated the toy-making ranks. It existed - I'd just like to see a picture.)
I'VE STILL GOT MINE!! The string broke a long time ago, but I've still got the poor thing. I'll get a pic the next time I dig into the storage unit.

Oh, and I also had one of those shirts. Kinda wish I'd gotten the long sleeve one, but at the time, I opted for the short sleeve because the long sleeve had ribbed cuffs, like the collar, which I knew was inaccurate, and no rank stripes. It wasn't until they were off the market that it dawned on me that it'd be a simple matter to fix the cuffs.
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