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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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Another fine segment. I like the Alpha grousing about the Gammas-it seemed fluidly in character.
The Alphas were bred to use initiative by the Vorta/Founder in canon, so it works well to highlight there. If you remember "One Little Ship" that shows the animosity between Alphas and Gammas.
I hadn't thought about that when I was reading this. I will have to go back and see that episode again. the Cardies and Jem'Hadar are two very difficult races to write for, especially in depth as you are doing Mr. Ghemor. I tip my hat to you. Good job...

Thanks, guys!

Writing the Jem'Hadar was very difficult, especially in light of the issues Spirodopoulos brought up during his last segment. Just how much real THOUGHT do they have, and how much is genetics? To what extent do they have personalities versus instincts? That's very difficult to know, and the Jem'Hadar definitely do not come with the ease that the Cardassians do for me.

I'm glad you like the way it came off, though!

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Very good - the mission is meeting with successes and failures so its not all straightforward. For the members of the team this is also the case trying to adjust to work with the enemy and the alienliness of the Starfleet crews would indeed be startling for the Cardassians. Great details there then. So too with the Alpha / Gamma animosities playing a part in the tale.
Ironically, the Cardassian BEST equipped to handle the diversity of this situation is the one person in the Thirteenth Order who is unable to join them on the surface. Macet's a close runner-up given his own prior experiences.

But for ANY Cardassian, even the most well-meaning of them, it's going to be hard to know what to make of dealing with such a diverse group--especially the truly non-cardasdanoids among them. The Cardassian military has "diversity training," but it basically consists of how to deal with regional/ethnic differences within the Cardassian race, and a section on gender relations that...well, only works if your gul is actually with the program. And even the ethnic part...well, let's just say there are some very nasty terms for the Hăzăkda (people from Daro's region) that are not as far out of use as they should be.

I think Gul Rebek is well-meaning. But this constitutes a massive break from anything she's used to and I don't think her doubts and fears come from her being a bad or hateful person. I don't say this to trash-talk her, but I think it's quite literally ignorance: she simply is not equipped to handle this and she's having to learn as she goes.
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