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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

On a related note ... I wonder what would be the maximum capacity of crewmen that Voyager can house.
If the Sovereign class which is 9 decks larger (11 as of Nemesis) is able to house about 800 (which might or may not be a standard crew compliment for that class), would it be a stretch to think an Intrepid would be able to house about a 500 people at max?

I mean ... if the Galaxy class is able to house about 10 000 people at it's fullest, then up to 500 for the Intrepid might be doable.

Granted, Voyager had issues housing 204 Klingons in season 7.
But that was primarily because they were utilizing much more of their resources in terms of replicators/power.

One has to question how the Klingons survived on their 4 generations old K'Tinga with that kind of resource drain.
Then again, being faced with advanced technology might have eased up whatever 'restrictions' they might have had on their ship (although I do find it incredibly impractical to destroy their own vessel).
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