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This episode made a huge impression on me from the start. I only saw it once, probably back in the mid-90s...yet 6 or so years later, when I got the soundtrack to the movie Black Hawk Down, I heard this song. I didn't know the name of it at the time, and I'd never heard it with anything beside the melody. Only once had I heard it, but because this episode had burned such an impression into my mind, I knew it IMMEDIATELY and could hum right along. It was "The Minstrel Boy," of course.

I don't think I've EVER had such instant recall of a song heard only once, after such a long period of time--or the feelings that went with it.
The Minstrel boy sort of became an attribute of the O'Brien character. If you listen closely in the montage at the end of DS9's WYLB you can hear it being played.
Yep, I noticed that once I had a chance to watch WYLB.

(Which I didn't get to see until last year when I bought the DVDs.)
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