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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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Off-topic slightly, but does any studio have the film rights to Ms. Marvel?
Yes. Marvel Studios. Remember when they formed their own studio? Just so that they could stop licensing their characters to studios who had no idea why the property they just licensed was popular and assigned someone to revise it for the big screen?

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The only good thing she ever did was get her powers jacked by Rouge a much better character. I think she watched to many episodes of She-Ra growing up... I say good ridance.....

Every character is somebody's favourite.
Rouge is my favourite character! I love how his red power ring can do so many different things, it's like a magical swiss army knife!
Well then, how about learning to spell her name correctly then? R - O - G - U - E.

Rouge is a type of make-up.

It's a common mistake, true. But if she's really your favorite shouldn't you show her the proper respect of spelling her name correctly?
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