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Re: Bridge Ideas/Help SS New York...

sorry i haven't posted, but my internet was down during the move, and when my computers started going down, i was pretty much left with pencil and paper. Eventually, one of my computers was revived, and i was able to work on various stuff.

a small update. here are samples of the LCARS designed for the two ships, as done by the remarkable Joe Relat. Since the idea is that the two ships were the by-product of competing designs for the same contract, i figured i would introduce the two design style elements, and a hint at the lineage of the two totally oppisite design styles, and how they came to be.

here is the sample for the S.S. New York

and the sample for the S.S.Einstein...

what do you think?....

here is a link to the thread on the project's bbs...

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