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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I finally sat down and read my issue last night.
Thought it was a good read but my only issue is Tony having all those suits there. You'd think that tech of that magnitude would have a type of self destruct. Either in each suit and/or in the room housing them. Tony tried to tie off loose ends over in his series and I'm just supposed to believe he forgot about this big armory of suits??

Not sure what was given to Venom/Gargan to make him morph down into a Spidey sized ratio/proportional person but why was that needed. I don't follow T-Bolts with regularity so why couldn't Gargan will the symbiote to simply appear as Spidey. Why the "drug"?

So Ares and 'Captain Marvel' are who they say. It appears Sentry is as well but who knows for sure with mr. splintered psyche.
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