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Re: Welling: Why no Superman?

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Honestly, I don't care if he doesn't put the suit on yet, I don't think he actually should until he completes his "training" in the Fortress and becomes Superman for reals.

The two things I DO care about, and that he SHOULD be doing right now in the series is:

1.) Wearing glasses as Clark
2.) Be able to fly
He can fly. He's done it already, when he had the red Kryptonite. He just refuses to fly. I think it would be silly to see Clark flying without a suit anyway, it was done on Lois & Clark:The New Adventures of Superman, so we don't need to see it again. Wearing the glasses is only symoblic... I guess the reason why he hasn't really put them on is because he isn't Superman yet.

In Superman:The Movie, when Clark was young, he didn't have glasses on, either.

It's just the premise of the show now. I'm not saying he needs to be Supes all the time, maybe just when he's fighting with the Justice League or something.
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