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Re: Fitness Checkin

I did legs Saturday and back tonight.

For legs I did:

Leg Press: 1x12 warm up, 810lbs; 1x10, 900lbs; 1x10, 990lbs; 1x10, 1080lbs; 1x8, 1170lbs; 1x8 1260lbs

hack Squat: 1x12 warm up, 450lbs; 1x10 540lbs; 1x8 630lbs; 1x8 680lbs; 1x8 680

Leg extensions: 1x12 200lbs, 1x8 280lbs, 1x8 360lbs, 1x8 400lbs, 1x6 400lbs

Hamstrings: Standing leg curl 5 sets

(I worked on calves twice already this week)

Back night: Lat pulldowns: 1x12, warm up 210lbs; 1x10, whole stack, 1x10 whole stack; 1x10, whole stack, 1x10 220lbs

Seated cable row: 1x12, 240lbs; 1x12 250 lbs; 1x12 250, 1x12 250lbs, 1x10 250lbs

Hammer Strength rows: 1x12 4 plates; 1x10 6 plates; 1x10 8 plates; 1x10 10 plates, 1x10, 8 plates.

Shrugs: 120lb dumbells, 4x10-12

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