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Re: 2009 Oscar Nominations

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What the hell is Milk or The Reader? Has any average film goer even heard of these films?
The Oscars are becoming an art-film ghetto. But I prefer that to them becoming just another iteration of the People's Choice Award. Let em be highbrow, they'll pay for it by taking a hit in the Nielsens.
I can't speak to Milk or The Reader which I haven't seen and may very well be art house films, but Frost/Nixon and in particular Slumdog Millionaire, while small films are not. Frost/Nixon, as strange as it is going to sound, is more like a crowd pleasing boxing film than anything else. Subject matter and quality aside, it's structured like a Rocky film; Nixon as Apollo Creed. And Slumdog while quite good and inventive in many places, mixes very familiar audience pleasing Hollywood ideas. It is only the central plot conceit and the "exotic" locale which hides this familiarity from immediate detection.
Even those are artier than the likes of Iron Man and Dark Knight. It's all relative in Hollywood - even the little arty films are expected to follow the moral-redemption or underdog-wins models. Well-made movies that are unabashed crowd-pleasers are the types that get snubbed at the Oscars but some little arty film that depresses the hell out of everyone is going to have a tough time of it, too. The Reader and Revolutionary Road are pushing it for morose-ness.
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