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Will Jesus be appearing in Supernatural this season?

just some random musings after seeing the first two episodes (UK pace)

so Lilth plans to set Lucifer free, and for the first time in 2000 years Angels are walking the earth trying to help, does this mean that when Jesus was first born to help prevent Lucifer being freed, or a reaction to Lucifer being freed?

so am I the only one who thinks that this season may feature the 2nd coming of Jesus?

that or I get the feeling ive seen that play out on South Park at some stage.

Hopefully we also get an answer to the whole "why does God do nothing" thing, personally I think its because he also needs to be freed like Lucifer, and the Angels are not acting under his guidance, but under there own beliefs.

lets not go crazy with the spoilers
Im Proud of the BBC
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