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Re: 2009 Oscar Nominations

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Yes, the academy does harbor some prejudices toward genre films, but I really think The Dark Knight's greatness has been overstated and that it doesn't deserve a best picture nomination. It was a very fun, well made film, but not a great film. I truly do not believe that it will be a movie that will be as highly regarded in even 10 years time.
Completely agree - of all the times a Genre film should get Best Picture, TDK is definitely not one of them. A solid, enjoyable, good, not great movie with one great acting performance and stalwart direction.

Perhaps if Chris Nolan does a third Batman and that one actually turns out to be a "great" movie, maybe it'll get the nomination as a recognition of the 3 Batman films together like Peter Jackson's nomination (and win) for Return of the King. But unfortunately, IMO, Batman Begins is going to be a constant drag on Oscar potential for the (presumed) trilogy.

I also agree that the current political winds in Hollywood are blowing in favor a best picture win for "Milk", and probably Sean Penn too. Definitely won't be the first time something like this has happened, though.
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