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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

I would have preferred that Ultra or some other teen side kick took up that costume and called themself "Miss Marvel".... (or Aunt May as Matron Marvel?).

I think it's giving her the choices of A: lead the Avengers, B: Go to Prison, or C: Run like a scurvy fugitive that has her halfway pissed off at Norman, taking her name and costume is only going to be gravey... Y'know since the public can't tell the difference, you'd have to wonder what sort of negative PR is planned to discredit these "heroes" before Norman just shuffles their costumes to... karla could make Paris Hilton look perfectly respectable if she put her mind to it and really between mac, the symbiote and Norman... Spider-Man is going to be blowing his nose on the flag while urinating on pensioners soon enough.

What's the She-Thing Ms Marvel up to these days?
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