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Re: Welling: Why no Superman?

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The sad part of it for me is this: there are so, so few actors I'd buy in that suit and I would buy him in it. It would work. He would look like a comic. The first time I saw Smallville, I had zero trouble accepting that idea, and I'm not sure I could have really gotten into the show otherwise.
I'm with you on this one. Welling's the only actor who actually looks like Superman to me now. If a reluctance to wear glasses or tights are part of his ego trip, that's one thing. I think the glasses should have been there since the heat vision/x-ray vision first emerged. Nothing about glasses would have made him less attractive, and why the hell would an ex-model have an aversion to wearing tights unless he had a tiny piece of Kryptonite.

It seems to me if the premise of 'Smallville' was supposed to be Superboy less the costume and flying, now it's gotten to be Superman less the costume (but with the flying and villains and allies and basically every damn thing else) that's just stupid and they need to rethink their premise or end the damn show and let him do features as Superman.

The eight year tease wore thin five years ago.
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