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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

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Oh, and what if it becomes a thing that guys take the name of their fallen lover? I mean Hank Pym is trendy right? Wouldn't Wonderman make an even more fabulous Ms Marvel?
Fabulous, indeed.

But seriously, WTF? I like Carol. She was a character I'd never really given a second thought to until recently (like Civil War) but have come to like and enjoy, and now, they're killing her? I'd have had less issue with this if Rogue wasn't 'erased' and had some sort of identity crisis and became the new Ms. Marvel. (Don't get me started there.) But frikkin Moonstone?


Since when is Marvel just a 'who can we kill next and replace almost unnoticeably' brigade? Why not just have Peter Parker die and Ben Reilly come back? Why has DC and Marvel's ages-long pissing contest de-evolved into a shitting contest - i.e., who can shit all over their characters the fastest and the most?


No Hermiod, you're not the only one.
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