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Re: Ms. Marvel - SPOILERS

I do enjoy Carol, and I don't want to see her killed, but there's something quite hot, hot and sexy about Moonstone "pretending" to be Ms Marvel, and I am literally dripping to think about how she is going to seduce the real Hawkeye when Ronin or that little Girl Hawkeye who got so much shit from Clint over the honor of being the new Hawkeye, but heads with Bullseye.

I do so would have enjoyed to more so see these women rutting for the right to be called MS marvel over and over again than k... What happened to the Carol component in Rogue?

O? Rogues a blank slate since messiah Complex? That's cool.

Oh, and what if it becomes a thing that guys take the name of their fallen lover? I mean Hank Pym is trendy right? Wouldn't Wonderman make an even more fabulous Ms Marvel?
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