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Re: Should B&B have a Fan Film version of PB's defunct SNW Contests?

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By "B&B" do you mean Berman and Braga? Those people have nothing to do with Star Trek any more, and given the comments I read about them on this message board, I don't know how excited the fans would be to have them involved in any Trek fan productions (not that either would be particularly likely to participate in the first place).
So true. And I'm 1 of those aficionados with B&B.

Figured B&B would unfortunately have to be involved in said FF contest(s) above. A necessary evil I'd figured.

Glad to hear B&B aren't involved in ST or work in Paramount's ST Dept anymore

ST is now free of B&B's stranglehold

True TrekLit ain't canon, sans novel & comic book adaptations of Trek TV shows & films. But TrekLit is a sort of quasi-canon (pseudo-canon really) in that a certain book may be “solid” or “accepted” until utterly contradicted on screen.

Perfect example is the novel DARK MIRROR. That was “canon” (well semi/quasi/sorta-canon) until DS9's CROSSOVER aired. Ever since, DM has lost it's pseudo-“canonicity”, the quasi-canonship it had.

But DM was NEVER technically, officially CANON & certainly has no chance of ever being so now.

I wish B&B only stood for Bed & Breakfast but 2 assclowns rained on that parade
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