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Re: Welling: Why no Superman?

Smallville is slowly starting to make me dislike my favorite ever super hero, a large part of that is Welling's portrayal. He's just so weak, I could understand that when he was still technically "Superboy", but surely he's old enough now that we should be able to start seeing the makings of Superman?

I don't know why I still watch Smallville even though I don't enjoy the show, like I said I'm a huge superman-fan but anger wells inside me whenever the show comes on. And yet... I can't not watch. Halp!

It seems, much like flying they're just making random things happen to draw the show out as long as they can.

I'll never understand why we can't have a Superman show as well written as something like Battlestar Galactica or even Supernatural. I'm not talking about tone, but generally the quality of writing.

Flying seems to be a fruit they've dangled in front of us for years, frankly I don't mind whether or not it ever happens but it is starting to get increasingly ridiculous how long they've put flying off, the number of folks who've seen Clarks face etc...
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