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Re: Terminator: Survival Instinct

I just wanted to quickly add that I'm going to change around a few things with this storyline compared to my first one. I'm doing this to help people keep up better with the storyline and, hopefully, to be able to contribute to the story more often with opinions.

1.) I plan on writing and posting smaller additions than the multiple page stories with Part One: Identity Crisis.

2.) There won't be daily posts to the storyline. I plan to have them every three days or so - but the majority of my work will be posted on Saturday evenings.

3.) There will be central characters to the storyline again and I will update on the ending to Identity Crisis. This is going off of my presumed ending to the story (how it went in my opinion), but Identity Crisis was left open ended intentionally. This storyline has a defined ending that will wrap up this chapter in the saga.

4.) Main characters from the films and The Sarah Connor Chronicles will appear every so often. This includes Danny Dyson (son of Miles Dyson), Jesse Flores, the Four Horsemen, and Derek Thomas Reese. Dyson will be a main character.

5.) I plan on at least fifteen entries.
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