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Re: Marc Alaimo as Shran?

Oh, MAN...Morpheus--EXCELLENT idea!!!!!!

I really like Scott Bakula, but I felt like the role may not have been right for him--he needs a more low-key role to show off his best. (QL and Cats Don't Dance being a couple of examples.) Something that's intended to give you a feel-good fuzzy, that kinda makes you want to be a little kid again...not an edgier role like I think Archer needed to be. Kind of a kids' movie/inspirational movie type character.

(Note that I do NOT mean any of that bad against SB. There IS a perfectly legitimate place for such characters. I think that once he was cast, the writers--in addition to their other problems--didn't know what to do to play to Bakula's strong suits and it ended up not working.)
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