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Should B&B have a Fan Film version of PB's defunct SNW Contests?

I heard George Lucas/LucasFilms had SW Fan Film contests & they were sort of SW's analogue or parallel of Pocket Books now-extinct Strange New Worlds Contests.

If SW can have Fan Film contests where, I'm assuming, winning entries were both officially CANONized {or at LEAST quasi-canonized} & winners, I hope, were financially rewarded as well, then why can't STAR TREK/B&B/Paramount do the same thing

I'm right about the SW Fan Film Contests yes Or is that just internet scuttlebutt through the grapewhine

What do YOU think about the idea of ST Fan Films Contests? Should they become a reality?

If they did, winner's films should be officially CANONized, well, OFFICIALLY quasi-canonized, being realistic considering ST & it's very limited “Sphere of Canonicity”. Plus winners should be rewarded financially as well & I don't mean mere bags of shells.

Well, that's my idea(s) for ST Fan Film Contests & the rewards I think winners should get.

This topic is for the hoped future benefit of ST Fan Film makers. I am not 1 of them/you & due to lack of equipment/supplies, WON'T be a ST Fan Film maker anytime soon.

What do YOU think of my suggestion(s) here (whether you're a ST Fan Film maker or not)?
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