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Re: Marc Alaimo as Shran?

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Count me in as another Jeffrey COombs as Shran fan...and i would have LOVED to see him as part of the ENterprise crew...certainl would've made a LOT of sense in building the future Starfleet/UFP.

Now, how about Marc Alaimo as Jonathan Archer???

THAT might have been interesting...
Shran being 1 of Beckett's regular crewmembers would've been great

And a 1st for a Trek series: having an Andorian be a part of the regular crew

Marc Alaimo as Archer would've been great too

Alaimo would've brought depth, edginess, bravado & charisma to Archer Count Bakula never could.

Alaimo as Archer never crossed B&B's minds.

ENT lasted 4 seasons. So did QL! Yet QL seems like it was on far longer
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