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Re: 2009 Oscar Nominations

The academy missed its chance to award Ledger for Brokeback Mountain. The Dark Knight is, outside of the new Gilliam film, the only chance they have left. Assuming the premise is correct, i.e. that Ledger's performance salvages what would otherwise be not worth remembering, doesn't that make it all the better a performance to reward?

I'm not convinced Eckhart's performance is worthy of many accolades. It was serviceable, but Ledger made his dialogue believable. Eckhart made awkward lines ("You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain) sound like awkward lines. And take away the CGI effect of two-face, is his performance really all that chilling? If anything, it makes Ledger's performance look all the better to me.

Not going to argue about Downey Jr's performance though. It was the best part of Tropic Thunder.
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