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Terminator: Survival Instinct

Following their attempts to assassinate Resistance General John Connor, Skynet killing machines Allison Young and Cameron Reese have been captured and are being reprogrammed by the Resistance to be soldiers in the War Against the Machines. For the men and women of the Resistance though this prospect has brought nothing but strife. Some see this as a bold new beginning where one time enemies have become trusted allies against Skynet; the majority, however, see this as nothing more than a new front in the war with the machines living among them waiting for the perfect time to strike. Complicating matters is General Connor himself. The Hero of the Resistance, General Connor has isolated himself from his staff and surrounded himself with the reprogrammed machines – trusting their counsel over that of long time brothers in arms. Tempers are at the boiling point and a single spark could bring the forces of TechCOM to their knees.

As the battle on the homefront rages, newly promoted Captain Earl Wise and the reformed Four Horsemen have been given their first mission. They are to infiltrate and destroy a Skynet Hunter Killer Factory recently discovered in the outskirts of what remains of Los Angeles. However, things are nothing like they seem especially when Captain Wise faces an unexpected nemesis from his past who knows him better than he knows himself.

The exciting sequel to TERMINATOR: IDENTITY CRISIS coming soon!
Thank the Maker...

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