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1970s Children's TOS Tunics

Around 1975 I got a child's gold command shirt, short sleeved with a great ribbed collar.

(While in 7th grade I dug it out of the closet to wear to ST:TMP. Had to slouch BAD, it was so short, and of course I had my Life cereal/Nestle's Quik gut by then. Great decision. Other junior high kids were really "impressed.")

It is one of the great annoyances of my post-internet life that I cannot find any pics, evidence, ref.'s to these shirts. The other colors, I think, were red and green (a real green, forest green, not Theiss-avocado!). Do any of you remember/know of this kids' apparel? I salvaged the insignia (now on my sweet, mustard-colored polo shirt awaiting May 9), so I know MINE existed. It was some kids' brand like GrrAnimals, but not really that brand.

Thanks. My first thread. Please be gentle.

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