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Most words ever.

And "The Rise of Cobra"? **gag** Of course, I'm biased, I hate "Rise of..." 's
Awww, man. Beat me to it.

Oh, well. I'll watch it for Scarlett and cool Cobra gear. Snake Eyes bores me though. If it's the Rise of Cobra, why is Snake Eyes the only thing on the poster? Fanboys. Loser fanboys is why.

EDIT: Jumping on the "International Strikeforce Bullshit"

*Checks his hundreds of GI Joe figs* Hmmm...all members of the US Armed Forces. *Double checks the more numerous Cobra guys* Interesting...lots of international mercenaries. I'm sensing's almost as if the premise of GI Joe is American Military badassery versus International Terrorism.

America's the international community's whipping boy until some psycho dictator decides he wants to rule the world or genocide his own people, then it's all "Where's America? Why aren't the Americans stepping up and doing anything? The Americans are all rich and fat. They should spend their treasure and spill their blood to save the rest of the world. It's the least they can do since their country isn't a shithole like 2/3 of ours are."

Seriously, whose first response to impending doom is "Call the French!" "Brazil will save us" "Trouble in Denmark, get the Chinese on the phone" or "If Only the Japanese were here!" What? No "Thank God, the Russians are coming"?

The strategic reality of the world is that most countries don't have the resources for a GI JOE operation or the balls to use one if they did. Of those that do, most you don't want anywhere near you to begin with. That leaves the US and the UK (and associated nations like Australia and Canada) to break out the mop when the shit hits the fan.

I can see these guys joining up for some JOE special ops, but the Rainbow Coalition the movie people are going for here is stupid.

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