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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x12: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

I voted Above Average. Nowhere near as good as last week and I can see the argumenet about it being filler. But I still enjoyed it.

-The scene with Tigh, Six, and Cottle looking at the ultrasound was not only frakked up but funny as hell. That was one of the show's few diversions into that kind of comedy.

-The medic whose name I can't remember...her reaction to "the future of the Cylon nation" was perfect. I don't think she's going to join Gaeta's revolutin but her horrified reaction totally worked.

-Gaeta...a little bit broad with his Cylon-hatred but still very compelling and prickish. You definitely have to check out the webisodes to get the full scoop of why he's the way he is. Even without it though, he lost a leg to a Cylon, discovered Earth was a fraud, and was the last person to see his good friend Dee before she blew her brains out. That's enough to make someone snap right there.

-Baltar's denouncement of God kicked ass!

-Zarek. Always good to see Richard Hatch back as his character. Zarek is a political opportunist whose lust for power is hurting this fleet. But he raises some valid points about Adama and Roslin. In the fleet's mind, Earth was a lie and now the Adama/Roslin powerbase still wants to call the shots.

-Cally...really don't know how I feel about this plot. Don't think that I care for it. I KNEW though that Hot Dog was going to turn out to be the father.

Next week, Mutiny on the Galactica!
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