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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x12: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

Above Average.

Clearly a set-up episode. Really, it was kind of a necessary evil after the superb "Sometimes a Great Notion" which really had no plot at all. Everyone was sort of wondering what the back nine of season 4 was going to look like and we needed an episode like this to establish what that's going to be.

Insofar as it needed to accomplish these goals, it did it very well. Everything "Disquiet" set out to do was done in an interesting way, I thought. From the Chief's issues with Nick's dad to Bill's problems with an increasingly despondent Laura, the character revelations were cool, I thought. And way to finally hit that, Admiral! Frakking guy knows how to slow-play the ladies, that's for sure.

The political stuff was good and frankly, I'm surprised Zarek lived to see the credits on this one. I figured Bill wouldn't think twice about popping his ass for sowing insurrection.

Speaking of insurrection, I'm wondering where they're going with Felix here. Are he and Zarek trying to style themselves the new Adama-Roslin (politically )? Also, have we passed "Face of the Enemy" in the timeline yet? I think that briefing at the beginning of the episode might have been the one Felix and Tigh were talking about at the end of the webisodes.

As far as the direction goes, I get the feeling Kevin Smith wasn't kidding when he said that all they needed on this show was for somone to yell "action" and "cut." Ron acquitted himself well, but there really wasn't anything particularly superlative about it. He was probably wise to write himself a nice bottle show for his directorial debut.

In short, not the best Galactica's done, but they needed to do this to kick the rest of the season in motion. In light of that, it's above average compared to other similar episodes in the past.
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