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A minor - and tangential - correction to a good review of one of those episodes which is far, far better on reviewing than you realized at the time, if you're ever given reason to rewatch it (by coincidence, I'd been reminded of it earlier today, as the song that Maxwell and O'Brien sing was used in a radio adaptation of A Prayer for Owen Meaney I was listening to).

Re: the reference to the earlier episode The High Ground: As far as I know, it was never banned in Ireland, but it was omitted from BBC runs until about a year ago (that's the main British network that was running TNG first time round, but not all British runs, as it was shown on the satellite channel Sky1, and released on video).
The background is that, as of 1990, the UK government had brought in a law banning broadcasts 'that promoted terrorism', which was meant to stop IRA spokemen broadcasting - the news programmes got round this by interviewing them and then getting an actor to redub what they'd said and broadcasting the interview with the over-dubbed voice, which due to a loophole in the law, wasn't banned. (I know that makes little sense, but none of this did, even at the time).
So, the BBC played legal tricks like that to get round the ban in news coverage, but still dropped that TNG episode, presumably because it didn't reckon a passing reference in an imported SF series was worth the trouble it might possibly cause.
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