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Re: Intrepid class VS a galaxy class, which was more powerful and adva

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What did we see in Generations with Riker in command?
One measly phaser shot which did some damage to the BOP shields.
Why not fire 10 torpedoes in a Sierra pattern along with a full-out phaser barrage instead and turn the BOP into minced meat?

Did the BOP's shields suddenly increase by a factor of 100 allowing their to be invulnerable completely while also dumbing down Riker and everyone else on the Enterprise-D?
Apparently so.
That entire battle is just agonizing. Uhg. What a way for the D to go... Reminds me of the awful TNG ep "Rascals" in which the Ferengi take the D with 2 BoPs and almost no fight.

These ship vs. ship arguments are pointless considering the ships are always portrayed as as powerful as the writers desire. And Voyager is the land of endless deus ex machina plots (worse than TNG in that regard I think).
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