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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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Sorry, that makes no sense what so ever!

You hear a shop is in trouble so instead of buying which ever goods you need/want from them in an admittedly tiny way to help there profits and remain open, you decide to go to the competition and thus possibly contribute to the decline of the first shop.
It makes perfect sense. They have ceased to carry the goods (i.e. ST novels) that I want to buy, so I am instead going to a vendor who does carry the books I want. If they my (and presumably other folks) business and thus keep themselves from going under, they should improve their selection (which has gotten more and more sparse in many areas other than just ST books).
And from a certain point of view I see where you are coming from. BUT, maybe the reason why the Borders around you are not ordering in stock is because they honestly do not believe that Trek books will sell because, oh I don't know, people arn't going into the shop to buy them or making enquires and going to the competition instead.

If you don't go in and spend your green in there, it will increase the risk of them going under because they will think no one wants to buy certain books and in this case Star Trek. Now, if you go in there, order the books, make it known that you and others want to buy them, maybe they'll start ordering them in in greater numbers. Shops try to anticipate what will and won't sell, but this is because they use sales figures in most cases and if for what ever reason certain things don't sell or don't seem to be selling, they look at the maths and decide to cut back as it's not really worth having the stock on the shelf and not sold as it could be used for things that will sell and I'm assuming due to one thing or another, that's why there are fewer and fewer Trek books on shelves.
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