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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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Sorry, that makes no sense what so ever!

You hear a shop is in trouble so instead of buying which ever goods you need/want from them in an admittedly tiny way to help there profits and remain open, you decide to go to the competition and thus possibly contribute to the decline of the first shop.
It makes perfect sense. They have ceased to carry the goods (i.e. ST novels) that I want to buy, so I am instead going to a vendor who does carry the books I want. If they my (and presumably other folks) business and thus keep themselves from going under, they should improve their selection (which has gotten more and more sparse in many areas other than just ST books).

Lightningstorm wrote:
I've even seen this happen in the case of Gods of Night where the site listed the release date as the 27th and thus "not available in stores" but on the 25th I went to my local borders and there it was. Then on the 27th the box showed up like normal.
Maybe so, but a bit more recently the third Errand of Fury book remains "internet only" at my local borders. Nor have they stocked Shards and Shadows at all.

Over the past year, the two or three Borders stores I visit here in the Seattle/Tacoma area have been stocking fewer and fewer titles. It started with them not carrying as many backlist titles. Now they are carrying fewer and fewer new titles. Recently the store in Tacoma and the one in downtown Seattle have gone as far as to rearrange their floorplans/shelves to make it look like there are more books than there really are in the store. *shrug* For the last decade, Borders was my store of choice. Good customer service, efficient at ordering in titles for me, etc. The last 12-18 months this has gotten to be less and less the case. So, I'll just go elsewhere where the selection is better and the service more accomodating.
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