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Re: Trek Blu-Ray Release Details

saxman paramount usually sets the msrp for recent theatrical releases at 39.99 MSRP which the store usually then price at 25.99 to 29.99
and for catalog titles the MSRP is usually about 28.99 which stores then price between 14.99 and 24.99. Tv series are a litttle more of course cause your buying an entire season and the theory is if you are buying the season your probably not going to bother watching reruns on television, so thats less viewers to help sell advertising time by the network. also the television series being released through CBS which is now a seperate company from paramount where as the movies are being released by parmount its self.

the 1season remaster that came out on hddvd a while back had a msrp of 199.99 and couldbe had in stores or onlinefor anywhere for 99.99 to 149.99. part of the justification for this price was it was an hd dvd combo disc which one side was hd dvd one side was standard dvd.

the blurays will be simply single sided bluray only discs.
most likely these will be in the range of 79.99 to 129.99 when released.

i dont know where you get your bluray pricing from but do a little research both in store and online and you will find that you can get great deals relatively easily.

And to the person who said bluray will be dead in 5 years, i have a suggestion to you, why dont you get over your anger at the fact that hd dvd lost and move on. if bluray is going to be dead in five years, why is it the only growth made in the home video market this last christmas was on bluray.
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Here's the problem for me, at least: we just picked up a Blu-Ray player and yeah, it's great and all that. However, the format is pretty much about $30 per disc whether it's a concert, TV show or movie. I forget how many discs are in TOS (I have the original DVD Gold, Blue and Red boxes)? That's maybe about 9-10 discs? Multiply that by 9 and you are at about $270 for season one. Not biting at that price.
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