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Re: Trek Blu-Ray Release Details

Paramount has actually been one of the better studios when it comes to priceing of catalog titles released on bluray.

recent catalog releases of movies such as topgun, the truman show, Ghost, and the upcomming Friday the 13th uncut can be had for 19.99 apiece.

the studios that have been charging outrageous prices on bluray has been FOX/MGM.

And paramount has been excellent when it comes to providing special feature content for there bluray releases(especially in terms of making sure most of it is presented in HD)

just take a look at the upcomming friday the 13th bluray.

for those of you who have to be spoil sports and rain on everyone elses parade boo on you, if you dont like guess what you dont have to buy it.

no one is holding a gun to your head, plus you and i both no that first week that places like BestBuy and Frys will have excellent prices on these, to use as loss leaders to get people in the store to buy other items or to upgrade a to bluray player or HD tv.

look at mgms recent releases of the bond films, those have a high msrp but frys had them for 16.99 each for individuals and about 49 a piece for the 3 disc box sets.

and admiral bear, the movie trilogy set is not even a us release.
the us release will be all 6 movies.

Admiral Bear wrote: View Post
Cue even more wince inducing, rip off prices from Paramount.

I can see that Trek movie trilogy boxset being at least $80 or $90 and Lord only knows how much over in the UK.
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