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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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This may be a bad sign...

I noticed that Borders' website page for A Singular Destiny lists the book as "available online only." This is separate from its status as a pre-order, so it looks as though the book, even when it comes out, will not be sold at Borders B&M stores (further ensuring that I won't be shopping at Borders for much longer).
I don't know what Borders thinks they're doing. This was the same message they had for Errand of Fury Book 3, and it doesn't seem like they intend to carry Shards and Shadows in store, either. Not putting new releases into their stores (even if its just the less mainstream titles that are being sacrificed) hardly seems to be the way to bring customers in.
Yeah, I guess they're targeting hardcovers...which are a SIN to buy at a B&M these days.
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