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Welling: Why no Superman?

I'm sure there's been countless threads on this topic, but I have been a fan of Smallville for the longest time because I always loved Superman. However, the show is getting old. As while it does have some great episodes, I don't understand why Welling won't put on the suit. This has been the main reason for me to watch the show less and less the last couple of years. He doesn't even need to wear the suit all the time... he could appear out of nowhere like the Green Arrow does. He keeps talking about his future and how he's supposed to protect the world, but why wait and start now. And after watching the last fifteen minutes of it last night, he needs to move on from Lana. He's passed on better women... (Chloe, for example???????)

If season 9 is being made, I hope he is Superman at least some of the episodes.
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