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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

Dayton Ward wrote: View Post
It was Janeway. She was resurrected *and* killed off again, all between books....just to piss people off.
Good grief, don't tell Lynx, she'll have a coronary...

Man of Steel wrote: View Post
Ya know Kevin, I live in NY and it's never a problem for me to get the books. However, I happen to have an apt here in Jerusalem where I am staying for a few months visiting friends and family and I am still getting my stuff in a timely matter.
It may be a little harder to find Trek books (this one in particular) in New York, Man of Steel. I just posted this in another thread:

ClayinCA wrote: View Post
This may be a bad sign...

I noticed that Borders' website page for A Singular Destiny lists the book as "available online only." This is separate from its status as a pre-order, so it looks as though the book, even when it comes out, will not be sold at Borders B&M stores (further ensuring that I won't be shopping at Borders for much longer).

No indication on Barnes & Noble's website that they won't be selling it in stores, though no stores in the New York area appear to have them in stock - that could just be that the books haven't made their way to the stores yet, though...
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