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Re: What if the G1 Transformers cartoon had lasted a few more seasons?

I like Season 3 a lot actually, mainly because the Sci-Fi/space angle really interested me as a kid. Yet the three episodes that make up "Season 4" are just crap IMO. Never liked the stupid "headmasters" concept, watching them back on DVD its just nonsensical and ridiclious

On one of the various R2 DVD releases of the movie is the first episode of the Japanese show which follows on from Season 3 and ignores the three Season 4 episodes.
Everyone should watch the English dubbed version of this as its frakking hilarious! Literally the worst dubbing in the history of the universe! Just awful.
The narrator can't even pronounce half the names right; he keeps saying "Cyberton" instead of "Cybertron", and all the voices sounds like they were done by some random bloke they dragged off the streets than an actual proffesional actor/s.
The plot too was a vapid detritus, so I can't say I wanted to invest in the DVDs for the rest of the series
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