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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I think the somewhat softer sci-fi grounding of Star Trek also allows for invoking some technical specs that'd be more at home in an Iron Man comic book than a NASA manual (the "black box" approach that Shaw likes so much).
I'd point out that the main reason for a black box approach is so that we don't end up dating things.

For example, the idea of a big central computer core seems quite dated... I would imagine that a handful of data banks distributed around the ship would be the largest single aspect of the Enterprise's computer resources. Otherwise, every computer throughout the ship would be available (as needed) for processing time. Most of the supercomputers today are clusters of smaller computers, often time standard desktops or workstations. The Enterprise's Library computer would most likely have the ability to grab resources from as many other computers around the ship as it needs for any given task.

As Spock rightly noted, computing the value of pi to the last digit would quickly over take all available computing power even in a clustered computing environment.

In another thread I was asked about my cabin estimates, and I answered with my estimates from last April. Taking a closer look at the last layouts I did before taking a break on the internals, I've revised my estimates a little.
  • Deck 4: 32 cabins (all in ring 1)
  • Deck 5: 147 cabins (16 in ring 1, 16 in ring 2, 51 in ring 3, 64 in ring 4)
  • Deck 6: 68 cabins (32 in ring 1, 36 in ring 4)
If I was to guess on cabin assignments...
  • Ring 1: Officers and Specialists
  • Ring 2: Chiefs and Supervisors
  • Ring 3: Enlisted
  • Ring 4: Enlisted
I assume that Officers and Specialist are given single person accommodations because their cabins double as office space. Given that, we have 80 single cabins (all in ring 1) and 167 double person cabins (in rings 2-4)... so on those three decks we have accommodations for 414 members of the crew.

Considering that there will be 4 VIP cabins on deck 2 and I was planning on accommodations for about 50 in the secondary hull (engineering crew), we would have room for 468 people with all the normal beds occupied. The standard cabins could handle more than two people if needed, but normally there might be quite a few empty cabins when the standard compliment of 430 people are on board.
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