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Re: First Clear Picture of the Narada *Warning: Spoilers*

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Just because You Can Change Everything, Doesn't Mean You Should.
It can't do "Star Trek" one iota of harm.

If this movie tanks, all the fans who are horrified by the changes will have exactly what they have now in terms of "Star Trek" and they can congratulate one another on being right.

What they can't have is what they want from the studio. Not now, not next year, not ever...because the only people to whom that makes sense are a few million trekkies and their numbers are dwindling rather than growing.
Pehaps... but driving away the (according to you) few of Us left, may not be such a great thing either.

I'm not horrified by the changes....

I'm disappointed by the fact that They felt that They had to change so much.

And I don't want Trek to fail, but unlike you I don't believe that keeping more of the original intact, would have been such a horrible thing either.

I also doubt that there will be very many of US going around congratulating Ourselves that Trek has failed, once again.

You make such matter-of-fact statments... and really don't have anything but your opinion to back them up... for all I know you may be right, but having you constantly shoving them down folks throats who post dissenting opinions is getting rather tiresome.

Perhaps those dwindling few that felt keeping more of the original intact are correct, perhaps not...but We will never know now.

As far as the topic-at-hand....

Since the Narada is apparently from the TNG Era, I have no problem with how it looks and I like what another posted here earlier... it does kinda sorta have the same feel as the Romulan ships from ENTERPRISE.
A nice nod there.
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