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Re: Dark Avengers - Your thoughts

Thrall wrote:
He does this because he knows all of those little kids and young adults and people who like light-hearted fun, who cried at the end of The Dark Phoenix Saga or cheered when Peter and Mary Jane got married, aren't there anymore to support the company. They're all watching Dragonball Z or reading Naruto mangas. They could care less about the adult-oriented Superhero genre of comic books that 20-30 something year old Internet Geeks love. Naruto and Inuyasha are escapist fun that cater to things they want to see and read about. Spider-man and The X-Men are confusing, overbearingly adult, and involve storylines that would be better suited for episodes of Deadwood or Nip/Tuck then Stan Lee's universe.
To be fair the Manga/Anime industry is having it's own struggles namely fans who refuse to buy the DVDs thinking they're a waste of money while downloading all the shows for free off the net. Kids are going into stores and reading the mangas then put them back on the shelf without paying a dime. Also add the fact that if a title doesn't do to well it may not get finished. (who wants to buy a book with no ending?)

As for the OT the only thing that's bothered me is how Stark supposedly went through and erased all his tech data and destroyed all his previous armor models, and conveniently leaves behind a suit for Osborne to find? I'm hoping that's a plant a trap left by Tony since Iron Man armors after the first armor wars were equipped with an anti theft device which destroys the armor if somebody other than Stark puts it on or tries to copy the technology.
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