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Re: What if the G1 Transformers cartoon had lasted a few more seasons?

I've often thought of this. I longed to see Powermaster Prime in the cartoons (besides that horrid guy in the costume). I remember crying when Prime died, and even more so when I realized my Prime toy was in almost as bad shape as its animated counterpart. I still remember my mom taking me to KB toys and getting me Powermaster Prime. Back then, I didn't know he was even going to be made. When I saw him on the shelf, I froze and I think I stopped breathing. I begged my mother and she got him for me. Many new adventures were had with PM Prime, Rodimus Prime, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, and all of my other TFs. This is a long way of saying I'd have loved to see the Powermaster concept brought to the series and would've loved the series to continue on many more years. The Powermaster idea is still a good one, and brought about some interesting conflicts in the old Marvel comic.
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