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Re: 2009 Oscar Nominations

Best picture
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire
Hmm. I've only seen two of these this year, Frost/Nixon and Slumdog. Time to hit the cineplex.

Yes, the academy does harbor some prejudices toward genre films
And comedies. And prior to creating an animation category, animation. There are exceptions, Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King comes to mind, but dramatic films with a meaty acting role in the center is usually the choice. The Academy, at its heart, is a conservative body in terms of film.

I'm not surprised The Dark Knight didn't get nominated, but it's a great example of why the Oscars are turning into an irrelevant exercise.
The Oscars have long been irrelevant to me. When Mirmax's well documented and controversial Oscar campaign catapulted Shakespeare in Love past a (IMO, and many others) far more deserving Saving Private Ryan, the Oscar proved it's cynicism. An issue or two ago, EW - in an exercise very similar to the one being conducted on these boards - went back to some Academy members and had them re-vote on past Academy Awards to see if the movies stood the test of time. Shakespeare did not.

As I noted, I haven't seen all the films, so I don't know whether The Dark Knight deserves the nod or not; my suspicion is "yes". Crafting a serious sober minded film of that quality while still hitting all the expected comic book genre notes, is not something to be dismissed easily.
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